The Birth of Cabanatuan City Science High School


        Our vision for the division of Cabanatuan City is to make "science impinge of the daily lives of the people, including their well being". The search for excellence and more relevance, couples with the desire to provide maximum service and efficiency to bring the Filipino and his society, is our desired missiion. Sadly, the benefits out of techno-scientific advances are being enjoyed by only fortunate few who have access to knowledge and resources. Serious concern has been expressed regarding the deterioration of the quality of science and mathematics instruction in public and private sectors. There is a need of exploring possible solutions to these problemas and of spreading the benefits, knowledge and practices in science and technology as a common legacy for all through intensified generation, diffusion and utilization of techno-scientific packages to help achieve equitable distribution of growth benefits and improve quality of life. More specifically, we hope to develop the youth's minds and hands for creativity, productivity and self-reliance so as to make them become more responsible citizens of the society in which they live. To give its youths and those of its neighboring municipalities, cities and provinces the opportunity to have quality education with strong emphasis in the sciences attuned to the times, the honorable city mayor, Honorato C. Perez, with the solid support of Sanggunian Panlungsod and the Local School Board, and with the full complementation and coordination of Dr. Ester C. Baylon, School Division Superintendent of Cabanatuan City, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and her staff, thought of establishing the City Science High School. This idea, a brain child of City Mayor, was the combined product of a long, so thorough search based on a project feasibility started as early as 1980.

          At last, Cabanatuan City Science High School (CCSHS) opened its door to the public after the progressive and developmen-oriented MECS Director of Region III, Dr. Pura T. Liban, finally approved its first year of operation in accordance with MECSRO Permit No. 06. S. 1985, dated April 19, 1985, giving the Division of Cabanatuan City the first city public high school under its own jurisdiction.

         To orient all concerned in its operation and organizational managemant, a series of meetings was held from April 26 to 20, 1985 in different venues - Cabanatuan East and West Central Schools, the Bahay Pulungan, the Sanggunian  Panlungsod with parents and teachers (public and private), intermediate pupils, socio-civic and education concious leaders and citizens. Likewise, invitation letters and application forms were sent to local government and MECS officials in region III to inform qualified elementary school graduates who may wish to avail the opportunity to study in the Cabanatuan City Science High School.

         The first entrance examination for qualified applicants (valedictorias and salutatorians exempted), was given on May 20, 1985 and results were released to the field and posted in the City Schools division, ditrict and school offices on May 31, 1985.

         Mr. Amado R. Domingo who temporarily acted as school administrator together with a district and division coordinator for its operational supervision. It has also two non-teaching service personnel - a janitor and a utility worker. Security is provided by the city government police force.

         The CCSHS is strategically situated in a 6. 298 sq. meter lot of the City Government at Mabini Extension, Cabanatuan City, alloted and certified by the City Mayor for the use of the said school in his written certification dated April 17, 1985, copy of which was submitted to the MECS Regional Director in San Fernando, Pampanga. The lot which is formerly occupied by the Office of the City Mayor, Sanguniang Panlungsod, City Court, City Engineer, City Fiscal and other offices before these were transferred to the New City Hall, has eight existing buildings in the compound provided with safe entrances and exits and equiped with sanitary toilets, sufficient water supply from NAWASA, and lighting facilities. The service area is easily accessible to the major socio-economic sectors and commercial establishments of the city, residential areas and business centers, which in effect, richly justifies it resource endowments and patters for utilization. Some of the existing buildings in the compound had been partially renovated, painted and repaired through the help of janitors and industrial arts teachers in the division to give the pioneer students better and adequate classrooms equipped with facilities, an integrated science laboratory, a school library, an attractive office with the safe property vault, a practical arts building, a school cooperative store with adjoining mess hall, a Kabataang Baranggay School Chapter Center, a school clinic, a walk in center for guidance and counseling services, and a space for scouting and community outreach/NFE services for in-school and out-of-school youths. A combined science and medicinal/herbal garden and fishpond has risen in the once unproductive spot in the compound and a "junk" place at the southern end corner of the school lot has been converted into a school garden and nursery. All these have been made possible through the cooperation of everyone to facilitate effective teaching-learning processes.

         This is the humble beginning of the Cabanatuan City Science High School, today, a recognized hallmark of an upgraded and modified secondary education curriculum in Cabanatuan City. It hopes to strive forward progressively to continuously improve itself through effective coordination, tie-ups and linkages with the City Government machinery, the different MECS offices and instrumentalities, the PTAs, the ABCs, the NSTASPI, the ESF, the NEDA, JICA, the host of socio-civic and education-concious citizens and organizations, together with the business, industrial, technoligical and scientific establishments and entities, local and/or foreign to complement the effective implementation of its programs, projects, and activities. For this reason, constructive dialogues with the different community publics, students, parents and teacher are most welcome.




   As an academic leader in Region III and a public Science High School with a curriculum designed for higher studies in the field of Science, the school system is envisioned to foster excellence in the individual by focusing not only on the holistic development of the mind but also on the total formation of character.
   Honorato C. Perez, sr. Memorial Science High School is aimed at inculcating knowledge, skills, and values necessary for intellectually advanced high school students to mature into responsible and caring individuals to enable them to become productive citizens.