Enrollment and Admission




       Students who belong to the upper 10% of the grade VI graduating class and who have been recommended by their respective principals are qualified to take the entrance examination.

        Selection shall be done in three (3) stages and shall be conducted by the school. The first stage is the administrations of standardized mental ability and apptitude test. The student applicant should belong to the top 40% of the first stage examinees in order to advance to the second stage.

        The second stage is the proficiency test in Science, English, and Mathematics. The second stage qualifier should obtain at least a 75% proficiency level in order to advance to the last stage.

        The last stage is the interview of the student together with the parents to be conducted by the RSHS screening committee. The interview shall be rated accordance with a prepaired rubric and shall be an integral part of the score obtained.

        The period of enrollment for secondary school shall not be later than two weeks before the opening of classes. (2000 Service manual Sections 1.5.1 to 1.7.2)


Secondary Level

        All First Year enrollees who have completed the regular six (6) year elementary school program, shall be required to submit Form 138-A before admission to First Year high school/ Those who passed the elementary program, through accreditation shall submit the Certification of Accreditation.



         For a student to remain in the program, he or she should obtain a final grade of at least 85% in English, Science and Mathematics (no grade lower than 80% in any of these subjects in any grading period), and a final grade no lower than 83% in the rest of the subjects. Failure to meet the latter grade requirements shall put the incoming Second Year and Third Year student under probation for a period of one year.



        Only students who have maintained the grade requirement set for RSHS shall be allowed to transfer laterally that is, from RSHS to another. Transfer from a general school to the SHS shall not be allowed in any curriculum year.


Night High School Classes

        Employed individuals shall be allowed to enroll in available night high school classes (DECS Order No. 88, s. 1997).


Special Programs

        Varied curricula in the high school shall administer different admission tests before enrolling the students in the following courses/school:

- Regional Science High School

- Regular Science High School 

- Special Program in the Arts

- Special Program in Sprots

- Special Program in Journalism

- Special Program in Foreign Language


High School Summer Classes

        Every school year the DepEd issues guidelines on this matter.