Supreme Student Government



         The Student Government Program is one of the major programs of the Department of Education under the Center for Students and Co-curricular Affairs.. Every public and private elementary and secondary schools under the Department of Education (DepED) has its own student governments. They are usually called the Supreme Pupil Government or the SPG (for elementary) and Supreme Student Government or the SSG (for secondary). For the secondary school SSGs, the Constitution and By-Laws are adopted by all of the DepEd public and private high schools.


          In HCPSMSHS, the SSG serves as the umbrella organization of all recognized student organizations and clubs in the school. All students are members of this organization. It acts as a channel of communication between the student body and the school administration. It is the foundation of the student government which exists for the purpose of maintaining order and discipline by means of inspiring leadership and self-governance.



  • To train students to become the best leaders and citizens along the ideas and principles of participative democracy.
  • To help students develop leadership skills and values.
  • To make available real exposures, experience and learning in responsible and participative democracy and leadership.
  • To harness the SSG as a partner in achieving quality education and academic excellence.
  • To strengthen the studentry, and serve and protect their rights and welfare.