Clubs and Organizations


1. The Supreme Student Government (see link on the site menu on the left for details)


2. The Envirex

        The official student publication of the school. Members of the staff are selev=cted through qualifying examinsation administered every third and fourth week of July. Those who have talents and skills in writing both English and Filipino are welcome. Every year, the staffers of the school paper compete and more often, win in division, regional, and national competitions.


3. Eurekams

         This the organization for fast learners and Mathematics enthusiasts.


4. Science Club 

        This club is for students who may seek more opportunities and learning experiences in Science.


5. English Club

        Aimed at helping students become communicatively competent, this club is also a channel for discover and exposing talents in the field of oral and written communication.


6. SamMagFil

        Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral sa Filipino aims to enhance the talents of student in Filipino. One of the varied activities held and sponsored by this club is the celebration of Buwan ng Wika.


7. Sci-Hi Dance Troupe

        This organization is for students with innate talents in dancing. Membership to this group is done through competitive auditions.


8. Scielinian Glee Club

        For students who love to sing and who could actually sing, the Glee Club is for you. The club develops talents for division, regional, and national competitions.


9. Baglan-CCP

        This is the theatre arts group where talents in the art of acting and theatre are developed and exposed.


10. Sci-Hi Drum and Lyre Band

        A group for students who have their talents in playing or are interested to learn how to play the lyre and/or the drum.


11. Caricatura

        The artist's club of the school. This is for those with talents in drawing, painting, landscape, and graphic arts. Activities that will showcase and improve the abilities of artists are done here.


12. LINK Club

        The Lusog Isipan Ng Kabataan is a group that promotes mental well being through activities aimed at strengthening the body and the mind.


13. Hi-Y Club

        Hi-Y stands for High School YMCA. This club is involved in the promotion of leadership by means of varied activities ranging from sports, cultural, literary and other endeavors for the total development of the youth. Its operation is linked with the national and international chapter of YMCA.


14. Red Cross Youth

        RCY promotes health and wellness among the youth. Its activities include charitable undertakings intended to help the less-privileged and victims of disasters. Aimed at instilling concern and compassion for others among its student members.


15. Campus Youth Ministry

        An active student organization within the school. Its activities are coordinated with the Youth mission of the local diocese. Members experience varied activities aimed at promoting not only their spiritual but also their moral, physical, intellectual, and emotional development.



        Hones the spiritiual develoment of each Scielinian. It also trains them to become Christian leaders. It has been an active spiritual fellowship organization for students which makes them realize the core values founded on Christian principles.


17. INTER-ACT Club

        The primary objective of the Inter-Act club is to train students to be agood leader in the future. Activities and operations of this organization are usually sponsored by the Rotary Cabanatuan East.


18. Children's Museum and Library Incorporated

        CMLI has become a pioneering achievement for the school. It is the only existing local chapter in Region III and in Luzon of the prestigious CMLI Foundation. This club aims to generate among students social awareness, civic efficiency and responsibility to meet social challenges and opportunities. It is designed to provide them relevant training and symposia encompassing strong leadership and strong character.